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written on Saturday, June 3, 2017

Average time spent by a software professional reading vs writing code is around 10:1. This imbalance is certainly justified as one quick way to level up as a programmer is by reading code written by other good programmers.

Github definitely is a great source if you want to expand your horizons and read about new technology and contribute to it. Unlike Quora/Facebook, Github doesn’t really have suggested repositories or repositories similar to the ones you are currently viewing section, so I built one!

This tool analyses the repositories you are interested in and the repositories people you follow are interested in (because obviously, you think they are good) and generates a ranked list of repositories for you to browse through which you might be interested in!

Here is a gif of it in action.


The way it works is this. Say you are interested in certain areas, the way you express this interest when it comes to github is you star a repository. If you think a person contributes to a lot of areas you are interested in, you follow that person.

So, repositories starred by you and the repositories starred by the people you follow in unison give good information about what kind of repositories you like. In this tool we use text-mining and LDA to generate queries which will provide repositories you might be interested in.

Where to find the code ?


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