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written on Friday, February 14, 2014

Why the new website ?

I need a website. After the tragic demise of my old website hosted on HIOX.com, after it got hacked by Bagladeshi Black Hat hackers, I never got the time to resurrect my website. The fact that its working now means that I am bored and I have free time on my hands.

Why Octopress ?

Firstly one should learn from their mistakes. But when I got hacked I couldn’t figure out where exactly the problem was. Was it the cPanel of HIOX.com which was faulty or did the attack originate from the loop hole in Wordpress plugin which I used to power my blog ? Wordpress team says that it was due to mistake of the website owners on their support site but then I am not a person who leaves too many loose ends nor uses weak passwords(I may not know too much but I do know a thing or two).

Second the idea of a statically generated website intrigues me. After all metaprogramming is cool. Who wouldn’t love the idea of a program which writes a program. I mean thats one of the ways you can enter Nolan’s shoes.

Thirdly I fell in love with Markdown when I was documenting my research work in my lab and Octopress provides me with the option to write my blog posts in markdown.

What to expect in future ?

More technical rambling…

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