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Rsync to GoDaddy

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There has been a lot of posts online about how to sync your website using rsync if your domain hosting is provided by GoDaddy.com. The main problem with most of them is they are either old and not working, or haven’t provided proper source to download the binary from. So here is the two bits from my side to help out people who are trying to sync their website using rsync.

Following are the steps I followed :

  • ssh login to your hosting server.
  • Create a bin folder in your hosting server with mkdir ~/bin command.
  • Download a rsync binary which is suitable to you from the repository. You can extract the binary from .rpm file using the command
rpm2cpio rsync-3.0.6-4.el5_7.1.i386.rpm | cpio -idmv
  • The rsync binary will get extracted into ./usr/bin directory.
  • This rsync executible needs to be placed into the ~/bin directory of the hosting server.
  • After placing the binary in the hosting server change the permissions of the file to 755 using the command chmod 755 rsync.
  • Then you can rsync the files from your pc’s ~/octopress/public/ folder into the hosting server’s public_html folder by using the command
rsync -rv --rsync-path=~/bin/rsync ~/octopress/public/ username@website:/path/to/public_html